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Repair Of Marks And Scratches

Here at The Motor Clinic we repair panels for you in the most cost-effective way.


If the scratches are not too deep, we may even be able to flat and polish them out, saving you money.

We are always transparent and honest with what repairs are needed and what method of repair we would recommend.


We have our own in-house paint mixing scheme and can match every colour out there so your car is in safe hands with our technicians, no matter what your paintwork requirements may be.

Dent Repair

The Motor Clinic will repair dents by perfectly matching the paint colour and surface level of the standard paint work.


We can match any colour of paintwork supplied by manufacturers over the last two decades, offering our customers an accurate and cost-effective alternative to replacing panels.


Many small dents can be accidentally caused by car doors in car parks, shopping trolleys, other motorists or by even just by leaning on your vehicle. However they are caused, we have a solution to repair the dent to a high standard.


Our specialist PDR (Paintless dent removal) technician – has over 15-years of experience in removing dents from panels to get them back to their former glory and for the fraction of the cost of skimming and painting the panel.


If the paint isn’t cracked and we can gain access to the rear of the panel, we can normally get the dent out and get the panel back to 100% for you.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheel damage is extremely common and can happen with the smallest of mistakes in a car park or tight lanes.

We supply an extremely cost effective and quick turnaround service for repairing damaged alloy wheels, leaving them like new in a matter of hours.

Our process revolves around sanding down the alloy to remove the damage and then re painting to the exact colour required.

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